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the urban reset

Reconnecting You to Yourself


“Reiki” is a Japanese rooted healing modality used to promote mental and physical symmetry in the body.

New York is one of the most energetic and motivating places to live in the world. Over 8.6 million people call this 24-hour metropolis home where you can access practically anything at anytime.

Sometimes the exciting “Big Apple” can go sour. The daily grind of urban living is chock-full of crowded subways, busy sidewalks, tiny spaces, and heavy grocery bags. City life can stretch you thin and it can be tricky to maintain your sense of self.

The Urban Reset was created to incorporate the practice of Reiki into your arsenal of self-care to restore balance, retain clarity, and reconnect you to yourself. 

Reiki utilizes a gentle “laying on of the hands” technique along the seven chakras of the body. Reiki sessions can be scheduled for thirty minutes or one hour. Sessions can incorporate a curated experiential music playlist and optional aromatherapy. Come in leisurely clothing as all sessions are fully clothed.

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